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These Causes and Ways to Overcome Low Blood Pressure in Pregnant Women

Low blood pressure is one of the common complaints experienced by pregnant women. Although not always have a harmful effect on pregnancy, pregnant women still need to be vigilant and know the causes and ways to deal with low blood pressure. In addition to dizziness, low blood pressure during pregnancy can also be characterized by symptoms of nausea, difficulty concentrating, pale face, excessive thirst, fatigue and heart palpitations. Overcoming low blood pressure in pregnant women needs to be done appropriately, according to the cause. Causes of Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy Low blood pressure during pregnancy is usually caused by hormonal changes and increased blood flow to the fetus. Low blood pressure during pregnancy can also be caused by anemia, dehydration, lack of nutritional intake, infection, and the influence of drugs consumed. In addition, mothers who before pregnancy have a history of low blood pressure, are also more at risk of experiencing low blood pressure
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Various Healthy Breakfast Menu Options for Pregnant Women

Breakfast has many benefits that are a shame if missed, especially for pregnant women. A healthy breakfast will meet nutritional needs during pregnancy, while supporting the growth of the baby. A healthy breakfast for pregnant women needs to contain the nutrients needed by pregnant women. Starting from fiber, vitamins, to minerals. If pregnant women are often confused about determining a healthy breakfast, let's look at the various food choices that can be used as a healthy breakfast for pregnant women. Various Healthy Breakfast Choices for Pregnant Women Several types of nutrients are needed during pregnancy, including calcium, protein, folic acid, iron and fiber. Pregnant women can get these nutrients needed from the following breakfast menu: 1. Cereals Fibrous foods such as cereals, can be the right choice for pregnant breakfast menus. In one bowl of cereal contained 8 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein, which is useful for preventing stomach cramps and increasing blo

Five habits that can damage your hair

Hair is a crown of beauty for a woman. But unfortunately, some habits that intend to maintain health and enhance the appearance of hair can actually damage the hair. Maintaining the health and beauty of hair is sometimes not an easy matter. Not infrequently we have to pay more to treat hair. However, there are some treatments that can actually damage the hair. As a result, hair looks dull, loss, and certainly far from beautiful. Gosh! Five habits that can damage your hair Ladies, try to note a few things below. Could be, one of them is a habit that you do in treating hair. Be careful, the following habits actually risk damaging the beauty of your hair. Frequent shampooing Shampooing is indeed something that needs to be done to maintain hair hygiene. But, if it is too much it can actually damage the hair and cause itchy and dry scalp. Not only that, too often shampooing can also eliminate the natural hair moisturizer, you know! Rarely shampooing If frequent shampooing c